Intellectual Renaissance Foundation Founded by Arthur Janibekyan Buys William Saroyan’s House

“Intellectual Renaissance” Foundation was founded in 2013 by Arthur Janibekyan. Prioritizing the proper use of intellectual potential in Armenia, as well as its compliance to the international standards, the foundation aims to preserve and spread Armenian intellectual and cultural heritage both in Armenia and around the world.

In 2013, the “Intellectual Renaissance” Foundation started to cooperate with the educational NGO “Wikimedia Armenia”. The foundation implemented a number of projects, which intended to improve the content of Armenian Wikipedia. The most successful projects were the “One Armenian, one article” campaign, as well as the Wiki camps and Wiki clubs, which opened all over Armenia. The purpose of the Wiki Camps was to develop Armenian Wikipedia with the help of students from all over Armenia. The camps were organized in two shifts, during which 10.000 articles were edited in Armenian Wikipedia.  The “One Armenian, One article” campaign was launched in 2014. The aim of the campaign was to enrich Armenian Wikipedia with quality articles by involving all the members of the Armenian society.

The campaign gained popularity not only in, but outside Armenia. Many well-known media sources, such as the BBC and The guardian wrote about the campaign. Another project initiated by the fund was the creation of Wiki Clubs in Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh. Thanks to the project many young people had joined the editing team of Armenian Wikipedia.   

The “Intellectual Renaissance” Foundation has purchased the copy of the “Book of Lamentations” by famous middle-age poet and philosopher Grigor Narekatsi, dated back to 1173. Later on, the foundation donated the book to the Scientific Research Institute of Ancient Manuscripts named after Mesrop Mashtots (Matenadaran).



The “Intellectual Renaissance” Foundation has been carrying out the renovation of St. Hakob basilica in the region of Aparan. In 2016, it also plans to decorate the walls of the church with frescos.

In 2015 the foundation acquired William Saroyan’s house, located in 2729 Griffith Way, Fesno, California, aiming to turn it into house museum. The foundation plans to collect books, furniture items, paintings and souvenirs, as well as some personal items, related to William Saroyan. 

The visitors of the house museum will be offered tours with a guide, as well as an opportunity to use the open-air library. A special cinema hall will be constructed, where the museum will organize movie screenings of documentary movies about William Saroyan, as well as some feature films, based on Saroyan’s works. Within the framework of the project the web site will be launched, which will present Saroyan’s life and cultural activities, as well as notify the visitors about the future events taking place in the museum. 

In April 2016, the “Intellectual Renaissance” Foundation has founded the Saroynan Club, which aimed to connect Saroyan’s friends, relatives or simply Saroyan experts all over Armenia. In May, the official opening occurred.  During the meeting,   the Saroyan experts were introduced with the foundation’s activities, as well as discussed their future involvement in further development of the Saroyan house project.